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"How a 39 Year Old Amateur Golfer
Stumbled Onto Amazing
Little Known Golf Swing Facts,
Which Enabled Him To

Hit The Ball Further and Straighter,
And Move From Hacker to Breaking 80!"
Discover what very few golfers know...
little known aspects that will make dramatic improvements to your Golf swing...

i, I'm Jon Barrett an amateur golfer, who like you, was desperate to develop a reliable golf swing.

I guess you're like me, you love playing golf but, even more, would love to hit the ball powerfully and consistently. Am I right? Are you fed-up of reading about the golf swing but it making very little difference to your golf? So was I.

But I never gave up on pursuing my goal - a consistent, repeatable and powerful golf swing... and today I've finally made it.

First... Some Shocking Facts!


99% of amateur golfers perform a move in their downswing that means they never get anywhere near to feeling what a pro golfers swing is like? This is called 'over-the-top' and was reported in Golf International Magazine in 2005 - Click Here to see the article
TRUE 80% of all golfers will never achieve a handicap of less than 18.
TRUE The average golf handicap has not improved in the past 20 years, despite advanced golf instructors, instruction videos and books, improved courses, and improved golf balls and equipment.
TRUE 80% of golfers do not know how the power in the Pro golfers swing is really generated.

How Much Have You Spent on Your Golf Swing?

How far have you gone in your pursuit of a good golf swing? As far as me?

Just to give you an idea of how far and wide I have searched for a good golf swing here's how I have supported the billion dollar golf industry over the past 4 years...

Golf Magazines $700
Books $250
Instructional DVD's $150
Lessons from a Pro $150
e-books $150
Total around $1400

Click Here to see a photo of my collection of books and DVD's

These figures exclude the cost of the 1000's of balls I've hit down at the driving range!

Yet after spending all that money, my golf swing had improved very little. I too was becoming one of the statistics!

You see I'm just like you, an average Joe golfer, who loves to play a round of golf when he gets the chance but hates to have his game completely fall apart in the middle of a round for apparently no reason whatsoever! Are you with me on that? It sucks!

So I decided that I was not going to give up until I cracked this thing.

Step-by-step, or 'Eye-opener' by 'Eye-opener' as I call them, I made some significant advancements and improvements.

The things that made the greatest difference to me were things that I DIDN'T find in the mass of material I had collected.

I've decided to write all this information down and make it available to all amateur golfers. I've titled it 'Golf Swing Eureka!'.

This information is NOT a 'how to swing the golf club' manual (although I do give you a link to a free web site which is excellent for assisting you with this)... this book is:

  • Different - you will not have seen the golf swing presented in this way before
  • Tells you what you NEED to know about HOW the golf swing WORKS
  • Shows you HOW to benefit from this knowledge
  • Tells you WHY amateur golfers find the golf swing SO hard
  • Shows you HOW to change the way your mind works to unblock your mind to benefit from what the Pro's know about the proper golf swing
  • Remember... this book reveals little known facts that REALLY make the difference... Only 1 in 5 golfers know how the power is generated in the Pro golfers swing... Only 1% know how to execute the golf swing like a Pro

As you're reading this you may find yourself thinking... 'this sounds too good to be true'! Believe me I wouldn't have wasted my time writing this information down and publishing it on the internet if I thought it was already available elsewhere (you can see that I have spent a lot of money and time searching) or that it will not dramatically improve your golf swing. In fact it is other people, who have read my information, that have pushed me to get this out to other golfers like you. And as you will see further down this page other golfers and golfing experts are agreeing that this is something different and something special.

Get 'Golf Swing Eureka' Today - Click HERE

What this information WILL do for you...

Open your Eyes to aspects of the Pro Golfers swing that few golfers know about - but which made dramatic improvements to my swing
Give you a rock solid foundation on which to base your swing development - I keep going back to this fundamental fact time and time again (I have not seen this anywhere else)
Correct a misperception that 80% of amateur golfers have about where the power REALLY comes from in the golf swing
Provide you with the tools to allow your mind to truly accept how the Pro golfer produces Power without Effort - 99% of amateur golfers need this - I still cannot believe the difference this made to my swing!
Identify a specific position in the Pro golfers swing (I have never seen this in print before)... ALL the Pro's, but only 1% of amateurs, get into this position!
Lots of other useful and extremely relevant information... remember this is information written by an amateur golfer for amateur golfers. I now know what you need to know!

5 Eye-Openers...
Exposing the Pro Golfers Swing to the Amateur Golfer

I decided it was time that EVERY amateur golfer opened their eyes to the golf swing just like me and join the 1% of golfers who have a swing like the pro's.

I've called these - 'Eye-Openers'... Together they're what I call... 'Golf Swing Eureka!'

The way I present this information is Unique - You will not have seen this anywhere else before...

One 'Eye-Opener' is known by only 1% of amateur golfers... it's the key to unlocking your golfing potential.

I have recorded the aspects of the golf swing that made the most dramatic improvements in my golf swing, and they can make significant improvements in YOUR golf swing too.

 Here's just an outline of the Top 5 'Eye-Openers':

  • Eye-Opener 1 - The answer to the question... 'What's the difference between an Amateur and Pro Golfers Swing?' And I'll prove it to you with video clips. You can't start to improve without the answer to this question - it's profoundly simple and it's absolutely fundamental.
  • Eye-Opener 2 - The answer to a question that in a recent survey over 80% of golfers got wrong! The answer is fully supported with colour photographs so that you are left in no doubt that this is correct. You NEED to know this if you want to succeed.
  • Eye-Opener 3 - A move that EVERY Pro golfer makes but only 1% of amateurs make. I will prove to you that this is a fact and that to feel 'Power WITHOUT Effort' you too must adopt this move.
  • Eye-Opener 4 - A bit of plain and simple talking - I reveal how a recent study demonstrated that you can send the ball further WITHOUT increasing your swing speed!
  • Eye-Opener 5 - Time to join the 1% of amateur golfers! I reveal a discovery that 99% of golfers don't know about - I have NEVER seen this in any of the golfing material I have studied, yet EVERY Pro golfer adopts this position in the swing. If you achieve this position then you will enter the 1% of amateur golfers and have a swing like the Pro's! I talk you through achieving this position. This was the one that finally allowed me to enter the 1% of amateur golfers!

Get 'Golf Swing Eureka' Today - Click HERE

There's more... there's lots more!

Just some of the things you'll find in 'Golf Swing Eureka!'

That's not all I'll show you... here's just a few other things about the golf swing...

   I will show you where to get a Free piece of software that will correct the incorrect view of the golf swing caused by our 'adult' mind

   Show you 3 things that every amateur golfer must use to improve... I will show you where to get 2 of these for Free and the other is a household item

  I give you access to the very best video clips of Professional Golfers Swings absolutely Free

   Every section provided with colour illustrations and golfing jargon free!

   A single checkpoint in your swing that makes sure you're in exactly the same position as the pro's

   The 3 Golden Rules of the Golf Swing - the 3 absolute MUST's to unlock your true golfing potential

   What YOU must SEE that very few golfers SEE

   Where to get some of the best available basic golf swing instruction absolutely Free

   2 swing fundamentals I learnt from watching professional golfers at close range... watching a pro golfers swing only a few feet away awakens you to aspects that you may never see from TV coverage alone

   1 simple change to your set-up (to more closely match the pro's) that will add 20 yards to your drives!

   You get my personal email address to contact me anytime with questions about your own golf swing or any aspect of the information you want explained further

   The single hardest thing that amateur golfers find difficult to believe about the pro golfers swing - and believe it you must - because it's absolutely true

   The amateurs single biggest good swing killer - and how to fix it

   The best way to practice to eliminate the fault of 99% of amateur golfers - and it doesn't require a trip to the driving range!


Get 'Golf Swing Eureka' Today - Click HERE

The Views of Your Fellow Golfers...

Before you access these 'Eye-Openers' I'll let you see some of the views of some of your fellow golfers, golfers with a mix of handicaps, even golfers who have produced very successful golf improvement material... they were all impressed:

These are all 100% Genuine Testimonials
(if you want to see the originals then just email me and I'll send them on)

"I'm going to... recommend your book to all those millions of golfers who are twisted up in knots about their swing"

Hi Jon,

I've read countless books on golf and the golf swing.

If you know anything about my writing and my advice, I usually tell folks to just go with the swing they have and work on their mental game since so much swing advice gets overcomplicated and ends up confusing people making them play even worse!

I think I'm going to have revise my thinking on that and recommend your book to all those millions of golfers who are twisted up in knots about their swing.

Nice job!

Craig Sigl, Richland, WA


"...your book was so good I got so engrossed with it"

hi jon,

sorry to take so long replying but your book was so good i got so engrossed with it. to be able to compare the amateur swing faults with the professionals compact all powerful swing through your book was so awesome!

thank you jon for that and yes it has improved my game a lot.

Happy golfer!!!       cheers johaan (Handicap 22)


"Absolutely fascinating"

Hi Jon,

I have just downloaded the pdf file at work today & skimmed through it at lunchtime.

Its great & you certainly have put a lot of work into compiling much useful information. I then started to read it more carefully and linked onto the clips to watch various swings etc. Absolutely fascinating.

I have watched many programs on the Golf Channel telling you how to swing & where to stand etc but I always seem to have forgotten it when I go to the driving range or to the course for a round.

Your book captures all I need to know in one easily accessible place. Now I can practice with a purpose and check my results more easily.

Thank you so much for all your hard work in compiling the book and sharing it with me. I can appreciate how much time and effort you have taken but the end result is very worthwhile.

I now intend to go through your book very carefully and set out a plan for improving my golf.

Best wishes, Steve (Handicap 26)


"...a book that will truly help amateur golfers
understand the proper way to swing a golf club"

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to comment on your e-book. It is well written and easy to understand.

This is the type of instruction that takes the over thinking process out of the golf swing.

Simple, concise, and to the point. Your instruction is free of all the unnecessary and hard to understand golf jargon that is present in so much golf instruction these days.

Kudos to you for writing a book that will truly help amateur golfers understand the proper way to swing a golf club.

Well done. Eugene (Handicap 8)


"I normally don't give testimonials...
I think your book is fantastic!"

Hi Jon,

I normally don't give testimonials, but I'll make an exception in this case, because that I think your book is fantastic!

I'm a big believer in visual learning techniques and your book includes more of this than any other I've reviewed.

I definitely intend on telling all the folks at 'A Great Game of Golf' about this book.

Great Work!

Ben Poston
Owner - Triangle Custom Clubs


One Golfer who has already knocked 28 shots off!

Dear Jon

Sorry it has taken a long time to get you the feed back.

Well here it is after reading your book twice i played golf with three people that started my golfing game and they were amazed that i was driving almost as long as them and i was shooting 102 and not 130 which was my normal score.


kind regards A towers


"...this instruction is presented in the easiest to understand format that I have ever seen"

Comments left on a Golf Forum:

I downloaded this book a while ago now and have read it completely.

As you can see from it's title, this material is geared toward mid to high handicap golfers. Having said that I also have to say that this instruction is presented in the easiest to understand format that I have ever seen. I have paid for books that do not even come close to this kind of instruction. Even if you have a decent swing, there are little things in here that will make you go "oh yeah".

If you want see more and recent feedback from real golfers like you.... Click HERE


Get 'Golf Swing Eureka' Today - Click HERE

Let me explain what my book ISN'T:

  • It's not just another golf swing book regurgitating all the conventional instruction (I'm sure you've got plenty of them already on your shelves)
  • It's not an ebook just full of words... it's packed with illustrations
  • It's not full of golf jargon, in fact it's been described as 'the easiest to understand format ever seen'
  • It's not full of swing tips that, even if you can remember them, just fill your brain 'til it goes POP!
  • It's not a compromised golf swing... this is the full Pro golfers swing I'm opening your eyes to

NO, my book is unlike any other book. It's unique, it's groundbreaking and it will change the way you view the golf swing forever!

Get 'Golf Swing Eureka' Today - Click HERE

Let me tell you just some of the things that this book will do for you:

  • Save you a stack of time getting to where I am now - it took me over 4 years and over $1400 to learn what you can be reading in just a few minutes time

  • Make you a very popular golfer as everyone wants to know why your handicap has plummeted!

  • Just recall the fantastic feeling when you hit a great shot � imagine that feeling happening every time you hit the ball!

  • Give you fast results... you could be reading my book in just a few minutes time

  • Guaranteed to give you an insight into the golf swing that you've never had before

Here's Some Recent Feedback From Real Golfers Like You

It's time for other golfers to show you what they thing of this information...

"What you write is so simple and
easy to understand and to apply"

Jon,  I am 75  next week and have 25.8 handicap,  60 years old I started with golf and up till now it has been a long struggle but with glorious moments every now and then, just enough to stop me from giving up the game.  

I have had numerous lessons with our pro, I have read a few books (like Golf like Tiger), I have watched instruction videos, I have even twice been to week long golf schools in Florida, all without any long lasting effect on my golf swing.  The cramped or sliced or sky high shots, the topping or the doffing both on the tee and on the fairway, in the high grass or out among the trees have crept back into my golf leaving me exceedingly frustrated.  

But now,,,!  Six weeks ago I bought your ebook - Golf Swing Eureka - read it carefully a few times, went to the range and started to practice.  What you write is so simple and easy to understand and to apply.  The results came almost immediately.  Most of the time I am now out driving my much younger competitors with long, straight drives on the fairways, giving me the possibility to go for the flag on my second shot.  Golf is now most enjoyable.  I wish to thank you for that.


" handicap has dropped from
26 to 21 in five weeks"

Hi Jon,

Every thing is going very well at the moment, great weather for golf , my handicap has dropped from 26 to 21 in five weeks and two weeks ago I won our mid week club competition with 42 stableford points and broke 90 for the first time on my home course , i was very happy with 88 "off the stick" for a net 64. your program is certainly a winner!

Regards, Ashley

"...twice I played to -2 during a competition.
I am grateful for your insight"

Sorry for not replying earlier but it has been rather hectic.  I am currently in Pakistan serving on an overseas post for the next 2 years. With regards to my golf, it has been rather non-existent for the last couple of weeks however the final part of your programme was the piece that I was missing.  My current playing handicap is 2 and to date I have managed to play to this easily and twice I played to -2 during a competition.  I am grateful for your insight.

Regards - Davie

"...I have shaved 5 strokes off my handicap of 18"

I continue to read and re-read your book. I want to mention two things:
(1) I have been properly fitted to my Ping ISI irons and Ping G5 Driver.
(2) Along with #1 and your book I have shaved 5 strokes off my handicap of 18.

At age 66 I am still trying to improve.

Thanks, Don


How Much Does this Information Cost?

I spent over $1400 to get to this point. But you can have this information for just $37, for a limited period... just $9.

For a limited period this book now comes with Proven Performance Enhancing Software (see below) worth more than the book!

I had a choice when I decided to write down this information and make it available to all golfers - I could either price it the same as other golf information on the internet (as much as $67 for far less than you get in my book) or give it away free. If I gave it away free I know that you would not value the information highly enough and may not even read it.

So I had to decide on a fair price, one that would ensure that you take this information seriously, value it and read it - I believe $37, for a limited period... just $9, is a very fair price for the information you will receive - and remember it is backed by my 100% money back guarantee if you are in any way dissatisfied (refunds are carefully monitored by a third party who administer payments so if you ask for a refund you WILL receive one).

Get 'Golf Swing Eureka' Today - Click HERE

UNIQUE Bonus Worth MORE Than the Book!!!

You often find Bonus' offered with eBooks on the internet. Normally these have little real value and from my experience are very rarely read or used.

BUT if you buy 'Golf Swing Eureka!' TODAY you will receive a FREE copy of a piece of software that I have recently had designed that has seen some remarkable results - this software WILL be sold separately and will soon be removed from this web page and no longer offered as a bonus - I have already bought the domain name and am having the web site designed as you read this - - once it is complete I will sell it separately and it will be removed from here - it will sell for anything up to $67 on its own!

This brand new software is....

And this is what some of those who have used it during testing have reported....

"I have had two great rounds of golf (81,79)... I do find myself at ease standing over the ball, and I am swinging consistently smoother."
Kim - Handicap: 15

"My Driving seems to be longer and more accurate"
Richard - Handicap: 8.5

"I noticed a feeling of being more relaxed on the golf course when playing now. I also noticed more Fairways in regulation during play and a whole lot more 2-putting since using the software"
Bill - Handicap: 25

"I'm killing the ball. Better contact and distance. Seem more relaxed on the course than before"
Steve - Handicap: 9.5

"Just a short note to let you know that the trial was a great success for me, my handicap has dropped by 1.8 in the last four weeks and my confidence has increased greatly. I think this is mainly because I am so relaxed on the course. Many thanks for this gem."
Bob - Handicap: 13.6

"This is very interesting. Of my last six outing, five have been in the 70's. And it's been easy, almost effortless."
DJ - Handicap: 12

Golf MindSetter Pro (sorry, not suitable for Apple Mac's)
is FREE with
'Golf Swing Eureka!' but....

This is a Time Limited Offer...

Get it before it's gone!

My Personal Guarantee to You

I am personally Guaranteeing to you that You will benefit greatly from my book.

It is everything, and much more, that I have presented to you here.

And that if you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase I will give you 100% of your Money Back.

GUARANTEED. I will not want a single person to be unhappy with their purchase. I'm here to create Happy Golfers! Just like me and just like Johann who you will have read about above.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You can be reading 'Golf Swing Eureka!' and using 'Golf MindSetter Pro' in seconds absolutely 100% Risk-Free - you have my 100% money-back guarantee.

Even if 'Golf Swing Eureka!' is not what you were expecting then you can ask for a full refund and you get to KEEP 'Golf MindSetter Pro'!

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100% Risk Free Order

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Just imagine how much you could enjoy your golf this year if only you could swing the golf club like a Pro - and you REALLY can - you just need 'Golf Swing Eureka'. Don't miss it!

Happy Golfing!


P.S. If you have any doubts about my book then just drop me an email and I'll happily answer any questions you may have - - Don't let the chance of entering the 1% of amateurs slip you by.

P.P.S. This information WILL improve your golf, just like it did mine. Don't let your golfing partners out-shoot you any longer. This is not your standard 'how to swing a golf club' manual - it is the information that allowed me to knock 30 shots off my average round of golf - it is the information you NEED to know to succeed with your golf swing this year.

P.P.P.S. It's cost me well over $1400 to get to this point, would you let only $37, for a limited period... just $9, stand in your way to making dramatic improvements in your golf swing? Remember it's 100% RISK-FREE, check out my guarantee above.

P.P.P.P.S. The Software BONUS will be removed once I have the 'Golf MindSetter' web site complete.

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