Proper Golf Setup



Proper Golf Setup

Golf Swing Setup Routine... Just Like The Pro's


This is the Proper Golf Setup Routine, and it is the best I have ever come across in 5 years of golf swing research...

OK, here we go. This is something that I was shown by a Professional Golfer. I have never seen this before in any golfing magazine, web site, golf show etc.

This is a setup routine to get you in exactly the right position and distance from the ball every time with every club. 

I have checked this proper golf swing setup routine with the setup of some of the worldís top Pro golfers and it is bang on. I have really benefited from this setup routine.

So how does it work I can hear you asking. Well itís rather simple, which is why Iím surprised Iíve not seen it before. 

Do you already have a proper golf setup routine? Well, this is not any routine, it is one that gets you in exactly the same position as the Pro's. This routine is simple and accurate. 

Here we go. It is all related to the length of the club you are about to use to hit the ball with. 

The main benefit from this setup is that by setting yourself up right to the ball it will give you plenty of room to work in between you and the ball, rather than getting all cramped up at impact. 

Proper Golf Setup Instructions

This proper golf setup routine should ONLY be used on the practice range, I don't want you getting disqualified from some big competition! Any significant change should be practiced - you should never make big changes to your golf swing during a round. Work it all out on the practice range, check it works, then implement it. Only implement this setup on the course once you can get the right distance from the ball without laying your club on the ground.

Choose the club you plan to hit the ball with - I would recommend that your start to try this setup routine with a 7 iron.

The following instructions are for a 9 iron right through to your long irons:

  1. Lay the club down on the ground pointing away from your body, thatís from your body when setup alongside the ball in your normal stance, towards the ball.
  2. Now move the club head (which should be closest to the ball, away from your body) so that it is on the other side of the ball. So as you look down to the ground you will see the club shaft running away from you with the club head wrapped around the other side of the ball.
  3. Now move yourself to the ball and put one finger width space between the ball and the clubhead as it is laid on the ground.
  4. Now move back to the butt end of the shaft.
  5. Now take up your stance but this time line up the back of your heels with the butt end of the club. This now sets your feet the correct distance from the ball.
  6. All you need to do now is keep you feet on the line youíve set them and pick your club up and address the ball.
  7. WARNING: This proper golf setup gives you the correct amount of bend at your knees. To get yourself balanced you will need to push you bum out behind you, remembering to keep your back straight and bend more over the ball.
  8. WARNING: The first time you do this you may think you are way too far away from the ball. I have checked this setup and it is absolutely correct and matches the setup of the worlds top proís.
  9. WARNING: You may find it easier to change your golf setup in small steps rather than go straight to this setup Ė if the ball feels way too far away from you then gradually increase the distance over a few rounds.
  10. You need to practice the proper golf setup as described above until you can do it without laying you club down on the floor. Soon you will be doing this without even thinking about it.
  11. If you're not certain that this is correct then go to and take a look at the swing sequences and check it out - make sure the golfer you're looking at has an iron in their hands.

Hereís a little sketch that shows you what the above setup routine looks like:

 golf swing setup routine


The Other Clubs

The only differences for the other clubs is that for clubs shorter than your 9 iron you add another finger for each club, two finger space for a pitching wedge etc. 

For the driver, instead of the end of the butt of the shaft being along the back line of your heels the end of the butt should be around the middle of your foot.

Give this proper golf setup routine a try, you might be nicely surprised at how much easier it is to hit the ball with this extra room to work in.

If you want to learn more about the information that allowed me to drop 30 shots off my average round of golf then go to the top of this page and enter your email address into the form to receive some of the info.

Happy Golfing!



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